The Ortek-ECD™- A Revolution In Early Caries Detection

• Instantly Diagnose Suspicious Occlusal Lesions
Detects early cavitated lesions that often go undetected by x-ray, probing and visual methods
• 100% Sensitivity, 93% Specificity
• Early Intervention Conserves Tooth Structure
• New Profit Center
• Return On Investment In Just Days

• Breakthrough Electronic Conductance Technology
• Immediate Quantitative Caries Score
• Fast And Easy To Use
• Developed and tested at leading US dental school*

The Ortek-ECD™ was specifically designed to instantly detect occlusal cavitated lesions at the earliest possible stages. The ECD helps solve a major diagnostic challenge for dental professionals, significantly improves patient outcomes and creates a valuable new profit center with a return on investment in just days. If used routinely, a single ECD unit could generate over $35,000 in new annual profits.

Unlike other caries detection systems, the revolutionary ECD measures the conductivity of enamel. The ECD accurately detects if these prevalent lesions have initially breached the dentin-enamel junction, advanced and progressed further into the dentin, or are confined to the enamel.

The ECD is fast and easy to use. After drying the occlusal surface, place the novel conductive tip at the bottom of a pit or fissure. If the dentin-enamel junction is breached by demineralization, hydrostatic pressure that exists within dentinal tubules will allow miniscule amounts of conductive dentinal fluid to enter the breached enamel site allowing the ECD to complete an electrical circuit. Loss of mineral from enamel as a result of caries activity increases porous size and enamel porosity. The more dentinal fluid detected, the higher the caries score.

The ECD instantly displays a quantitative digital caries score from 01-100 depending on the extent of decay into the dentin. A zero score indicates a non-cavitated occlusal lesion or a sound enamel site.

Highly efficacious and extremely affordable, the ECD is an essential new diagnostic tool that will transform your practice by improving patient outcomes.

"In my clinical use, the ECD was 100% accurate in detecting suspicious cavitated lesions on occlusal surfaces- lesions I would normally monitor."
Brian J Rosen8* DDS - Lynbrook, New York

"With the ECD, clinicians can detect carious lesions with a high degree of certainty at a very early stage, enabling timely and minimally invasive treatment."
Dr. George Freedman, Dentistry Today, Technology and Innovations

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*The Ortek-ECD was developed in the Department of Oral Biology and Pathology at Stony Brook University School of Dental Medicine

**Dr. Rosen has been a paid consultant

A Remarkable Advance in Early Caries Detection