Product Reviews

"I have found a device that is not only effective, but highly accurate and incredibly easy to use."- Neville T. Hatfield, DMD
"The feedback from my patients has been amazing. They are impressed when I compare the ECD’s digital readout to the before and after intraoral images."- Dr. Brian Rosen, DDS

"The Ortek- ECD can pay for itself in just a few uses. No longer do we have to let our diagnosis of caries be a gut feeling. We can actually apply analytics."- Joshua Austin, DDS, MAGD

"I have used the ECD on numerous patients, and it's extremely effective in detecting small cavitated lesions that may normally go untreated. The ECD scores are very reliable relative to the depth of the caries lesions."- Derek Zimbardi, DDS Great Neck NY

"While clinical and radiographic examinations often reveal decay that requires treatment, there may be times when either the radiograph does not indicate anything or it’s inconclusive. This is where a great new device, the Ortek-ECD (electronic caries detection) can save the day, or rather, the tooth."- Howard S. Glazer, DDS, FAGD

"With the ECD, clinicians can detect carious lesions with a high degree of certainty at a very early stage, enabling timely and minimally invasive treatment."- Dr. George Freedman