About the Ortek-ECD®

By measuring the electrical conductance of enamel, the Ortek-ECD® instantly diagnoses suspicious caries lesions on occlusal surfaces – helping solve an everyday challenge for dental professionals.

The Ortek-ECD is a small portable device specifically designed to detect cavitated lesions in the pit and fissures of posterior teeth. The ECD has a base unit with a digital display, a handpiece with a disposable single patient use conductive stainless steel tip. This novel tip is sized and dimensionally configured to fit at the bottom of a pit or fissure. The tip ensures electrical contact with the dentinal fluid found at the bottom of a demineralized pit or fissure.

When contact of dentinal fluid from the breached enamel site is made, an electrical circuit is completed and the device will beep. The digital display will increase from 01 to 100, depending on the size of the lesion and dentinal fluid detected. A zero score indicates a non-cavitated lesion or a sound enamel site. The ECD tip is paired with a reference lip hook to complete the necessary electrical circuit.

The purchase of the Ortek-ECD includes the device main unit, one handpiece, a package of (20) non-sterile single patient use tips, a Y connector cable, two lip hooks and a 9V alkaline battery.

Additional Single Patient Use Tips:
•  $19.80 per box of 20