Case Study

Case Study: Suspicious occlusal lesion accurately diagnosed by ECD

Pre-op view of maxillary first molar of a 22 year old adult showing 3 sites evaluated with ECD.
Site 3, with obvious decay.
Site 2, a suspicious occlusal lesion with no evidence of cavitation and
Site 1, which appeared sound.
After placing the conductive tip at the bottom of the pits of each site, The ECD instantly displayed the following digital readings: Site 1: (0), Site 2: (04) and Site 3: (93).

Once the enamel was removed, sites 2 and 3 showed decay as discoloration while site 1 showed no decay.

Once decay was removed, site 3 required deeper excavation relative to site 2.

In this case, the ECD was extremely effective in detecting a small cavitated lesion that may have normally gone untreated and indicated a very high score for an obvious and much larger cavitated lesion.