Ortek-ECD™ Features and Benefits

√ Proven Efficacy and Technology:
• 100% Sensitivity, 93% Specificity*
• Measures minuscule amounts of conductive dentinal fluid that enters breached enamel sites, allowing the ECD to complete an electrical circuit. Loss of mineral from enamel as a result of caries activity increases porous size and enamel porosity.

 √ Fast and Easy to Use:
• Dry occlusal surface with an air blast. Without probing, gently place the novel conductive tip at the bottom of a pit or fissure.
• ECD provides an instant digital caries score from 01 to 100. A zero score indicates a non-cavitated occlusal lesion or a sound enamel site.
• Minimal training needed.
• Not affected by stain.

√ Multiple Practice Benefits:
• Helps confirm treatment options including restorative procedures and noninvasive strategies.
• Extremely affordable.
• New profit center.
• Rapid return on investment.

√ Multiple Patient Benefits:

• Early detection helps save tooth structure, resulting in better patient outcomes.
• Diagnosing prevalent early cavitated lesions that often go undetected by x-ray, probing and visual method.
• Painless and no ionizing radiation.
• Eliminates the need for potentially harmful probing.

√ Easily Integrates with Hygiene Exams:
• After routine prophylaxis treatment, quickly examine any suspicious occlusal lesions.

√ Portable, No Maintenance:
• Lightweight, and powered by a 9V alkaline battery.
• Single patient use conductive tips.
• Just replace battery as needed.

* View clinical study